4 students at the University of Missouri

Aline Mostachetti is  a 21-year-old French exchange student who was born and raised in Lyon. She has a Bachelor in Business and Foreign Languages (English and German). She’s currently doing her first year of Master in Management and German. She likes traveling, taking pictures and enjoy hearing stories from people that are from a different culture than hers.

Daryn Findley is a 20- year- old from the suburbs of Chicago. She is currently studying International Studies with an emphasis in Korea. She plans to study abroad in South Korea and one day help with the North Korean Refugees. Until then, she enjoys traveling the country and being outside taking pictures of the natural beauties.

Carly Garrow is a 22-year-old student who is unsure of where to call her “hometown.” She spent most of her younger years in Erie, Pennsylvania, moving to the St. Louis area near the end of high school. Currently, her parents live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After living in so many places, she has learned to love traveling and finding the character in each new place she visits. Carly  is studying Biological Engineering with a minor in German, and hopes to one day contribute to the improvement of implantable devices and surgical tools. She also enjoys running, cooking, and getting lost in a good book.

Michael Tobben is a 22 year old hailing from a rural area outside St. Louis, coming to the University of Missouri in 2013. For the last couple years, he can be found delivering pizza around town or promoting concerts for The Blue Note, 2720 Cherokee, or GMB production company. As an Eagle Scout, he loves the outdoors and spontaneous adventures. He believes in the power of music to break down boundaries and bring people together in incredible ways. The arts in general have limitless potential to entertain, but also to inform, and he wants to spread that creative spirit everywhere he can.