Post 9: Not So Comical

The Disposessed, an article/comic by Alia Malek and Josh Neufeld, attempts to create a visual representation of the refugee crisis happening all over the globe. It follows groups of refugees traveling from the Middle East to different places in Europe, cataloging different struggles these people may face. I particularly thought it was effective how they had groups coming together and splitting up again, taking different routes to their destinations. With any large scale migration like this, groups form and fall apart again, people join and separate constantly so I think that was astute to include. Also having Naela and her family use fake IDs was interesting to me, I hadn’t thought of that as part of the equation. These families constantly run into obstacles, treachery, and predatory business owners that take advantage of these refugees in a vulnerable situation. Suddenly, everything costs more for them and their trip is not quite so straightforward. With countries closing borders, unreliable transportation, and lodging that is uncomfortable at best, these people are up against incredible odds just to try to move to another land. What struck me is that to the countries these people are moving through, how are they different from tourists? Maybe less disposable income, but they are still just traveling through and are looking for a place to stay and some transportation. Why treat them so differently, from a state perspective? They may have different needs or cultural values, but I can’t see how they can’t be accommodated  at least temporarily.


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