Post 9 : Refugees or Immigrants


1. What is your assessment of the Foreign Affairs The Dispossessed article and the film? Does the comic do justice to the refugee situation? Is it a good analysis of the crisis? Does Islam play a role? Even if you only watched a part of the film My Escape what is your assessment of the film? What caught your attention?

Our century is facing drastic challenges all around the world. One of the biggest being the refugees that are coming by thousands to different countries. They don’t only come in hope for a better life but in hope from freedom and safety which are basic human rights. And we know that they did so at the risk of their lives many losing members of their family in the sea. I liked the Foreign Affair article, The Dispossessed because it shows the troubles refugees have when they flee away from their home. The authors portray the refugee’s stories as a comic while they follow families that are looking for asylum through the mean of any way of travel. This article is interesting also because it happening right now as I’m writing these words and a lot of papers are written about the social and political issues. By showing the journey of these family it brings us closer to them emotionally I think. The authors connected with the readers and made the families relatable. This article really helps the reader better understand the refugee crisis, in my opinion.

I would say that Islam play a role in the way that it gives people hope. They believe that God is good and that He’s going to help them through this obstacle.

I watched a few minutes of the movie. What struck me the most is how people are telling their journey so bravely. They tell their story like we would tell ours. It is unthinkable what they are going through and yet they still go on with their life and try their best to reach their main goal which is a better life. The little boy we see at the beginning of the video is so young and he has worries about the police coming to arrest them at such a young age that no children should have. But yet, again, this is their reality. I like those kind of documentary because it shows people, remind them that it could be us if we had been unlucky and were born at the wrong place at the wrong moment. They should show this documentary more often on national television of every country. Immigrants and refugees are two different words I think.

         2. Based on the article, Islam and the West: Narratives of Conflict and Conflict Transformation, discuss the story of intercultural confrontation and intercultural compatibility and how they affect conflict transformation. Do you agree with that type of conflict management?

In the article, Islam and the West: Narratives of Conflict and Conflict Transformation, the authors discuss of intercultural confrontation and intercultural compatibility and how they affect conflict transformation. They affect conflict transformation because it raises questions on how to handle the big numbers of refugees coming. Indeed, it is good that they are able to flee their home but the challenge for the host country is to know how to integrate and assimilate with them in order for the immigration to be successful for both sides. However, this refugee’s crisis has led to negative thoughts and stereotype that creates a gap between the population and the refugees. I would say that people in the developed countries see them as less worth that them as inferior. And they forget sometimes that the refugees are people just like us no matter where they come from or they faith. I have to admit that I found myself thinking unconsciously sometimes. Then, I remember that there is no men better than another.

The media is portraying Islamic culture in a certain way that push many Muslims from the rest of the world and only focuses on differences between the western world and the Islamic culture. By viewing these groups in such negative ways and not accepting assimilation definitely has its pros and cons. Many regions in the world are afraid of losing their identity and cultures, therefore they think they should not accept refugees and immigrants since they think the refugees won’t integrate but instead be their own people in the host country. However, when we think more deeply about it these refugees and immigrants are people just like anyone else who are looking for freedom and safety.

Every country need to work on how to integrate and accept differences in order to become one “melting pot” like the United States is. Or used to be at least.



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