Post 4 : In the name of Angola

The presentation of a cheetah in Angola, Africa

Following the research last week on cheetahs, we have to look today more thoroughly on the work of one in our assigned country. I searched for the prominent Angolan journalist and the first name that appeared was Rafael Rafael Marques de MoraisMarques. Journalists are the ones that have a louder voice in the world since they are the ones that search the news, write about them to make them known to the public so I think it is important that the country has a specialist journalist.

Rafael Marques was born in 1971 in Angola. More than a journalist, he’s also a human rights activist who received several international awards for his research on the conflict of Diamonds as well as government corruption.

However, activists are facing a lot of risks when they defend the rights of humans especially when the country is not very open to changes and improvements. It is also the case for Marques since he was facing libel for exposing the horrors of the country’s diamond trade.

Also, he received a few threats such as this one :  “During a January 19, 2000 parliamentary debate on press freedom, for example, Mendes de Carvalho, a legislator from Your Excellency’s political party, stated that if Marques, 28, continued to criticize Your Excellency, he would not live to the age of 40.” (source : )

It takes a lot of courage to defend what is right in a country where people are trying to stop you in the name of money and power that is why, I think,  Rafael Marques is a good example of a cheetah.

Picture : Rafael Marques – Google Images

Bigger insight on the freedom of Angola. Or the absence of it


According to Radelet, democracy is not only the free election where people can choose who they want to lead their country. Indeed, there are others facts such as “the protection of basic civil liberties and human rights, the establishment of public institutions” that are held accountable by citizens and help limit the power of their leaders (like countries of the first world) and finally the recognition of rights of freedom of expression, assembly and press.

Right now, Angola is ranked 5/16 but the Freedom House for the freedom of expression and belief. The state owns Angola’s only daily newspaper, all national radio stations and all but one national television station. There is no freedom of speech and people trying to fight for it are risking their lives (i.e Marques).



To answer the question : Yes, YALI is active in Angola which is a very good thing since The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)  was created by  the United States Department of State. It started in 2010 by President Barack Obama. YALI is a program which want to educate and network young African leaders with activities including a fellowship to study in the United States for six weeks, follow-up resources, and student exchange programs. This program gives opportunities to the youth to learn more.


Last part

Let’s answer a question that has a wide subject. What are major obstacles in raising developing countries out of poverty.


Some of the obstacles can be:

  • Too much foreign aid. Since we saw it is important for countries to give some money, however too much aid can also lead to little businesses being forced to close because it is ruining their economic system.
  • The education preventing people to move the country forward and having better life; difficult access to health and natural resources. Problems regarding crime, danger and diseases.

And a lot more….



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