Post 2 : Good news in Africa


What are the factors that classify as good news in Africa according to Radelet?
According to Radelet good news in Africa is when some countries are considered to be emerging countries. Right now, there are seventeen countries (more than 300 million people) that are considered to be emerging which is a positive report. Indeed, more companies are thinking about Africa to open factories or even to move their production. Radelet said that the end of the debt crisis and changing relationships with the international community improved the prospects of African countries.

For some countries, there is an economic growth which improve the lives of many Africans.  And it has been proven that a growing economy leads to the number of people living under the poverty line to decrease (like in Vietnam or India).

Good news is also when the access to education is easier – especially for girls or when the access to health is more common.


The Millenium Villages – Tiby, MaliRésultats de recherche d'images pour « tiby mali »

I find it interesting to know a little more about the villages in the countries of Africa that are benefiting from financial aid thanks to The Millennium Project, which is an initiative that focuses on research implementing the organizational means, operational priorities, and financing structures necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals or (MDGs) which we already talked about in the first blog post.

Picture :

The region I’d like to concentrate on and talk about is in Mali and it is called Tiby. Tiby is located in the southern region of Segou which happen to be one of the poorest region in Mali. It contains 11 villages.  It’s hosting around 75,000 people.  It also a village which doesn’t receive a lot of water making it hard to do agriculture and therefore hard to feed the people.

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « tiby mali »

It may be one of the reason why this village was chosen. When we think about helping the countries in Africa, it is to help them get out of poverty mostly. All the goals of the Millenium project can be seen on the website :


As of today, fertilization technology as well as drip irrigation were given to more than 1,300 farmers according to Moreover, 13 vegetable gardens were created improving the life of 2,800 women. A real step forward was also made when in 2008 two clinics were opened increasing the health of hundreds of people. There is more to come for this village.

In numbers, the Mali GDP was of 8.15 in 2006 and it went up to 14 in 2015, almost the double. According to the world bank, the life expectancy at birth was of 28 years in 1960 and in 2014, it was 58 years old. It proves the improvement in the past few years.  Today, the Human Development Index for Mali 0.419 and it is ranking 179.

Does it mean there are only successes? No, of course. Critics are arguing that the expectations were much higher than the actuals numbers. In 2009? 43.9% of the population still lived in poverty and according to some professional website the decrease in the growth should be seen in the future.




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